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Car wash and car care

For car wash or car care, TotalEnergies stations ensure you both a high-quality service and a warm welcome.


Car Wash: You will find high-quality TotalEnergies cleaning products with no appointment needed, a professional service, and a good price range with different car wash packages.

TotalEnergies has revolutionalised the car wash concept in Kenya by being the first oil company to offer a branded car wash service. The customer now gets to see clearly displayed prices and gets to choose the package that meets their particular needs.

The Auto Clean concept commitments ensure that the customer always gets good value for his money. Our auto clean promises are:

  • A warm welcome
  • No appointments needed
  • Prices displayed
  • A good price range
  • A proper car wash bay
  • A professional service

The Lubes bay

The pit stop concept has been maintained in our lubrication bays for some time now until recently when it was replaced with the Auto Express Serviceconcept. The pit stop concept offers the promise of 30 minutes maximum timer spent on your car for service.

TotalEnergies has now introduced the Auto Express Service (AES) with the branded packages of Eco, Performance and Excellence to suit every customers need. The AES concept seeks to provide our customers with a better understanding of our oil change offer. In the AES concept the customer gets the exact amount of oil they require for their cars, thus eliminating the need to have excess oil jerry cans. The AES concept increases the overall service quality by introducing and adhering to specific customer commitments. These promises to our customers are:

  • A warm welcome
  • No appointment needed
  • Prices displayed
  • A proper lube bay
  • A good price range
  • 7 free checks and top ups
  • Free estimates
  • Bill is equal to estimates

The AES concept also uses high technology that is cleaner for our environment and more efficient in terms of cost savings to the customers.

Service: This offer comprises 10 safety checks free of charge including the oil change package, and commitments such as high quality TotalEnergies products, clearly displayed prices, and qualified employees