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16 Shortlisted Candidates

Name of Participant  Project Description

iWASH Africa

The project involves building community micro-flush toilets that include a rain harvesting system for hand washing and flushing, as well as water kiosks powered by solar energy and interactive awareness raising on WASH best practices. 


Autism Aid App

The AUTISM AID APP is an android app that enhances social inclusion for children with Autism by promoting Autism awareness ,providing a communication learning tool for the children and a helpline system that provides healthcare for the kids. 



SOCIALFARM is an agribusiness social enterprise that connects smallholder and commercial farmers to farmlands thereby forming in-grower co-operatives where farmers access mechanized services, inputs, training and markets


Sweetpot Yoghurt

Sweetpot yoghurt is a naturally flavoured eating yoghurt supplemented with Vitamin A and dietary fibres from nutritious orange sweetpotatoes to help curb vitamin A deficiency in Africa and also provide  market for sweet potato farmers


Caribbean Medley Beverages

Caribbean Medley Beverages researches drink recipes that are common to the African culture and develops  them to meet global standards as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle. CMB offers both finished products and on-site services.



Agro Sourcing aggregates and creates value from agricultural waste in Ghana.  We process Cocoa Pods into Potassium Carbonate for export and delivery to local cosmetic companies. While Coconut Husk and Rice Husk are processed into Charcoal.



Project Bidigreen solves the problem of deforestation in rural urban communities. It is charcoal produced from crop waste. It burns 2 to 3 times longer, it is smokeless and is produced in 2hours as against 2weeks for the other methods


Psyche Academy

Psyche Academy impacts the minds of children especially the "social misfits / school dropouts" through mentoring and introducing them to I.T skills such as computer programming, graphic design, animations and robotics.



The concept is built on traceability where a consumer can trace produce to the farm gates with just a click. We empower farmers to easily detect pest/disease attack and access quality agrochemicals to ensure high yields


Routine BP check, a life saver

Our business is to make checking of Blood pressure & sugar level a basic routine, accessible & less time consuming. We also offer professional advice and support to prevent and reduce high BP and sugar related deaths 



Rook+ is helping undergrads gain work experience before graduating, in turn, making them ready to run their own business or privy to discovery by companies.


Sankofa Plastic Waste Bins 

Mckingtorch Creatives a social enterprise has designed a viable and durable product, a rubbish bin made from plastic waste collected from homes and offices to prevent them from ending up in the environment. The bins go back to communities for use.


Unveiling Gains in Food losses

Reducing postharvest losses of plantain and sweetpotato by processing into instant pancake mix, noodles and bread. Thus promoting a variety of nutritious foods aimed at controlling hidden hunger while improving living standards along the supply chain


WESHEA Growth Project

The purpose of WESHEA Growth Project is to plant our ingredients in our own farm to ensure quality, develop a natural makeup collection and launch a marketing campaign that will make WESHEA  the world’s most prestigious African cosmetic brand. 


Jartogo mobile kitchen

Jartogo is a meal planning & delivery service. We save users time & money, by helping them find good food, everyday. We connect users & the highest quality food via a growing network of ‘zero-waste’ delivery-points, mobile apps & smart packaging.  



Deafcantalk is a nonprofit social enterprise that seeks to provide a ubiquitous communication between the deaf and hearer through modern technology such as the deafcantalk app and social media tools.