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Also known as gasoil, regular fuel is a volatile mixture of liquid hydrocarbons, generally containing small amounts of additives, suitable for use in spark-ignition internal combustion of engines. It can be used in the construction industry for small scale projects.

It is sold as blend which is a mixture of 20% ethanol and pure regular fuel.

Unleaded  Premium Petrol
Knowing its responsibility for a better environment of today and tomorrow, TotalEnergies supplies unleaded premium petrol to the Ghanaian market.

Product Benefits
Our petrol fuel does not contain lead as an after-burn product which causes biological poisoning to human beings. It does, however, have high octane rating which is 91 making it suitable for many modern petrol engines.

Product Composition and Usage
Modern petrol is predominantly hydrocarbon with organo-metallic additives that do not contain Lead.