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Check and Change Engine Oil:

To ensure that your vehicle and its mechanical parts work properly, it is essential to check your engine oil and change it regularly. We've outlined the steps for checking your oil level and changing your oil for you.

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Choose Engine Oil:

Lubrication, cleaning, corrosion inhibition: engine oil is essential for your vehicle to run smoothly. How to choose a engine oil? What are the key criteria? Mineral or synthetic, viscosity index, standard: see all the information you should consider before selecting your product.

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Composition of Engine Oil: 

Whether mineral, synthetic or semi-synthetic, engine oil consists of a base oil and additives. Let’s take a closer look at what goes into this essential lubricant, and the role of the main additives used.

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Role and Benefits of Oil:

Every engine needs oil to run properly. In fact, oil is an essential element for an engine. Whether synthetic, semi-synthetic or mineral, engine oil plays many roles. What are its purposes and benefits?

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Synthetic and Mineral Oil:

Engine oil is used to lubricate engine parts and decrease friction. Before filling your oil tank, especially the first time, it is important to choose the right oil. There are two main types of motor oils: mineral oils and synthetic oils. Let’s explore their features and differences.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Let's explore.

Oil Viscosity Grades:

5W30, 15W40, 10W40… Not always easy to understand and translate these indications when choosing a bottle of engine oil. In fact, these figures represent the oil’s viscosity grade, which is the lubricant’s level of fluidity and its efficiency at low and high temperatures. Let’s look at the various types of grades and their meaning. 

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