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05/05/2023 News



On Friday, April 28, 2023, TotalEnergies observed the annual World Day for Safety at Work under the theme “Technological risk; Everyone’s involved, everyone has a role! “

The event which was held at the Head Office in Accra, and was done in two sessions. The first session brought together Dealers and Contractors whilst the afternoon session was dedicated to Staff of TotalEnergies Marketing Ghana.  

The Vice President for West Africa-Human Recourses Division, Miss Qetello Zeka participated in the celebration virtually.

She emphasized that the operational activities of the business, which include the transportation and storage of petroleum products, involve high-risk activities and must be approached with safety precautions to avert mishaps that could harm people, the environment and properties.

Participants were encouraged to take advantage of the safety trainings provided by the Company which equips employees and contractors with the necessary skills and knowledge to identify potential hazards and prevent accidents in the workplace. She added that by taking advantage of these trainings, employees can ensure their safety as well as the safety of their colleagues.

Employees and Contractors were encouraged to report near misses, unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, incidents, and continuously use the stop cards through the Safety Reporting Application to enable the necessary measures and actions to be taken.

The event was climaxed successfully with refreshments and group pictures with Staff, who were impressed with the insightful presentations and discussions.

Safety for me, Safety for you, Safety for all