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Special Club for Taxi and Trotro drivers in Ghana. To be a member, just register for a TOTALENERGIES CARD at a TotalEnergies station near you!


  • Registration is FREE; No hidden charges!
  • Register, load an initial credit of Gh₵ 50, and receive an instant gift of a T-shirt + Car Sticker.
  • Get an Instant discount every time you use your Card to buy Fuel or Lubricants at any TotalEnergies station in Ghana.
  • Meet your purchase targets and receive a Reward every 3 months.
  • Use your Card all the time and automatically benefit from all future reward schemes as and when introduced.


You can use your TotalEnergies Card to buy Fuel, Lubricants, Car care products, Food, Shop products and pay for all other services at any TotalEnergies service station in Ghana.


It is a SAFE, SIMPLE and SMART way to control and monitor your fuel consumption because;

  1. With TotalEnergies Card you no longer need to carry cash.
  2. TotalEnergies Card can be customized for you. Just visit the Customer Service centre at the Total Head office in Accra or the Help Desk at any of our Area offices at Kumasi, Takoradi and Tamale.
  3. Your personal 4-digit PIN code on the card secures your transactions. Nobody can use your card unless you give them your PIN Code. You can change your PIN Code anytime at a TotalEnergies station near you.
  4. In case of loss or theft, you do not lose your money on the Card. Your Balance and information can be transferred to a new card for you.
  5. You can get a detailed statement of all purchases/loadings done on your Card.
  6. TotalEnergies Savings, TotalEnergies Benefits! (Instant discount on Fuel & Lubricants at every purchase, quality Fuels and Lubes, excellent services, Gifts/rewards and many more!)

RECHARGING YOUR TotalEnergies CARD (2 options)

After initial loading during registration, you can re-charge any amount at any time using any of the following 2 options:


Option 1- Visit a TotalEnergies Station near you; load any amount you require for a month/week/day etc on the Card! You can pay by Cash/bank card/mobile money (if available). Then you can use the credit to buy at any TotalEnergies station anytime.

Option 2 When you get to the station to buy fuel or lubes, load the amount you wish to buy onto the card; use it to make the payment. (You can load credit at the same time you are buying the fuel or lubes).

USING YOUR TotalEnergies CARD AT A TotalEnergies STATION


Tell the Customer Attendant (CA);

  • what fuel/lubes/other product you want to buy and how much.
  • that you will pay with your TotalEnergies Card. 

Also display your special TROXI CLUB Membership Sticker on your Car to help identify you!



  • Give your Card to the CA to check the credit on it if you have already re-charged your card.
  • If you have not re-charged your Card yet, give your Card and the cash to the CA.
  • The CA will load the cash unto your Card so you can use it to pay and get the discount for what you bought.

NB: if you pay the Cash directly, you can’t get the discount.


Step 3

CA will give you the Fuel or Lubricants or the product you are buying and enter the sale into the Terminal.


Step 4

  • CA will give the Terminal to you to check that the amount is correct.
  • Check that your discount is also showing.
  • If everything is correct, enter your PIN code and give the Terminal back to the CA.


  • Enter the PIN Code yourself. Do not give your pin code to the CA or anybody.
  • If you enter a wrong PIN Code 2 times, tell the CA to cancel and re-start the process.
  • If you enter a wrong PIN code 3 times, your card will be automatically blocked.


Step 5

  • CA gives your Card and printed Receipt to you.
  • Always check the details on your Receipt before leaving the station.


Benefits of TotalEnergies Troxi

  • Monthly Rewards - Top 300 buyers
  •  Troxi Fridays – First 20 customers to visit a station on the last Friday of the month
  • Quarterly Point Based Rewards
    • Troski Target: 650 liters per month for a point
    • Taxi Target : 500 liters per month for a point
    • Motor Target: 150 liters per month for a point
  • Special quarterly Troxi Hene reward for the best member in each card category
  • Annual Rewards for total litres consumed throughout the year


  1. Keep the number at the back of your TotalEnergies Card. You need this number for reference in case of theft or loss.
  2. Do not disclose your PIN Code to anybody unless you want the person to use your card!
  3. If you suspect that someone has seen your PIN code, change it immediately at a TotalEnergies station near you.
  4. Do not respond to any request from anybody including a TotalEnergies staff asking for your PIN Code
  5. Do not keep the PIN Code and Card together! Do not write your PIN Code on your card.