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16/02/2024 News



The average person will spend about one-third of their life, or the equivalent of 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime, according to research.

It is in the wake of this that the Human Resources team decided to whip up some excitement and break the mundane flow of work by instituting the maiden CAMARADERIE GIFT DAY on February 14th.

In Ghana,14th February is not only celebrated as Valentine’s Day, but also Chocolate Day to promote the patronage of Ghana-made chocolate and cocoa products. It is a day to show love and warmth to family, friends and loved ones. In the spirit of our core value, Stand Together, the Human Resources team launched the CAMARADERIE GIFT DAY to boost the team spirit among colleagues.

Staff were randomly paired with one another and gave surprise gifts to colleagues. They were also treated to chocolates and a heartfelt note from HR.

The customers were not left out. Across various TotalEnergies service stations in Ghana, customers were treated to a delightful surprise as they fueled up their vehicles - complimentary chocolates were handed out with every purchase of fuel.

This initiative was not just about sweetening the deal for customers; it was a strategic move to foster closer relationships and enhance customer loyalty. By offering a small gesture of appreciation in the form of chocolate treats, TotalEnergies aimed to create memorable experiences and deepen connections with those who choose their services. To gauge the impact of the promotion and measure customer satisfaction, a survey was conducted at the end of the event. Customers were asked about their experience with the Chocolate Day promotion, including their satisfaction with the complimentary chocolates and whether the initiative influenced their decision to purchase fuel from TotalEnergies service stations.

The survey results not only provided valuable insights into customer satisfaction but also shed light on the effectiveness of such promotional campaigns in driving sales and enhancing brand perception. By actively seeking feedback from customers, TotalEnergies demonstrated their commitment to continuous improvement and ensuring that their offerings align with the preferences and expectations of their clientele.